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[ Corporate Identity ]
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La Caseta Blanca

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Jessica de la fuente

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Corporate Identity

In case you are looking to create a new visual identity of your brand and materialize it into different corporate elements. We will start by creating your logo by using different fonts, colors and corporate graphic resources and we will end up by translating your new identity into the features that your brand may need. (1-3 weeks)


If what you’re looking for is that your brand better communicates and connects with its current audience through a clearer and more refined idea, while sharing its how’s and why’s. We will start by getting to know better your brand, core values, context and we will develop a brand strategy capable of creating new connections and that will speak by itself, both visually and verbally. (2- 3 months)

Web Design

The digital stage of your brand today!!! You may need a simple website (landing page), a more polished or complete website, an e-commerce or you may already have one and want to give it a face-lift. (3 weeks - 3 months)

Á la Carte

Haven’t found what you were looking for? My creative services go beyond branding and web design. Whether you are looking to give a little magic to your social networks, design a packaging according to your brand, pdf presentations, corporate elements... I’m here to guide and accompany you in the process of making your brand what you are looking for and what your customers expect from it. (Time will depend on the project in question)

Intensive Design

For all the enthusiasts who are ready to go or have a tighter budget! This service consists of working intensively on your project or idea on a very short period (1-3 days) in which I will exclusively devote all my time, energies and effort to make it real. What could we do together in this intensive design? Basic corporate identity, logo design, web design updates, business cards, corporate documents,… If you are not sure, feel free to share with me all yours questions and details through the contact form and we will get down to work.

Behind Lauso is Laura. Here there is a general overview of who I am, my professional and personal path and some of my previous work experiences and projects. Read what you want and what not… just ask me shamelessly!

Who am I?

I am a highly creative designer with over X years of experience, but I am specifically focus on creating brands and everything related to them.

My professional background is in product engineering, however my passion, as I said, it’s always been brands, so I ended up in branding and.. I am staying right here!

I am very dedicated professional and really enjoy what I do (I am sure you will get to notice it once you meet me), that’s why I am very perfectionist and like the work well done. I enjoy getting to know my clients more than just over a few impersonal emails. I am also a very intuitive person and I am capable of reading my client’s needs and preferences.

What I most enjoy about my job is the spontaneous and genuine WOWs that I get from you guys, my clients, when sharing my work.


The main intention is being PURPOSEFUL. Have you ever listened to that expression that says “a brand is what others say about it?”
This is true not matter how hard you try. This is the reason why if you have or want to have a brand the best you could do is working hard on it, redefine consciously its core values, purpose and essence, and be fully aligned with it. Don’t let the fate/hazard of the market decide what your brand is or it’s going to be, let’s do it purposely and consciously.

Way of work

In Lauso we are fully aware of all of it, that’s why we like first working on getting to know our clients and their brands, having a good understanding of their main purpose, what makes them different and what do they want to achieve. Secondly, we put some time on getting ourselves familiarize with its market and audience. It is at this specific point when creativity comes into play, by designing and developing a strategy and a message, both visual and verbal, that is aligned with the brand. The final result is a brand that speaks by itself.


Ears that translate ideas into actions
Eyes that see possibilities
Words that tell stories.
And of course, PEOPLE, this is why we all are here.


Even though Laura is the main brain, there is always extra support on the side for certain tasks depending on the needs of the project: photography, web development, advertising… The main goal is achieving the best possible outcome and get that spontaneous and genuine WOW. Team-working we can always get farther.

Detrás de lauso está Laura. Aquí dejo pinceladas sobre todo lo que podría interesarte, lee lo que te apetezca y lo que no pregúntamelo descaradamente.

Detrás de lauso está Laura. Aquí dejo pinceladas sobre todo lo que podría interesarte, lee lo que te apetezca y lo que no pregúntamelo descaradamente.

¿Quién soy?

Soy una creativa de nacimiento con experiencia en creación de marcas y todo lo que tenga que ver con ellas.

Por formación soy ingeniera de producto pero de manera natural, porque uno al final se dedica a lo que le apasiona, acabé en el mundo de las marcas y de aquí no me muevo.

Me gusta un trabajo bien hecho, conocer a mi cliente más allá de un email, mi intuición y ojo clínico trabaja mejor con las palabras y con la vista. Y la parte que más me gusta de mi trabajo son los “wows” espontáneos y naturales.


La intención es hacer las cosas a propósito. ¿Has oido alguna vez la frase de “una marca es lo que otros dicen de ella”?

Esto es así te esfuerces más o menos, por eso si tienes o vas a tener una marca lo mejor que te puedes regalar es un buen trabajo sobre ella. Para no dejar que el azar sea quien le diga a tu cliente lo que es o lo que no es tu marca, hagámoslo a propósito.

Modo de trabajo

En somos conscientes de ello, por eso trabajamos primero, conociendo a nuestro cliente y su marca, entendiendo porqué existe, qué le hace diferente y a quién quiere llegar. Después tomamos consciencia del contexto en el que se mueve y quién es su cliente. Y a partir de ahí llega el trabajo de creatividad, estrategia y desarrollo, creando un mensaje visual y verbal que esté alineado con su marca. El resultado final es una marca que habla por si sola.


Oídos que traducen ideas
Capacidad de síntesis
Ojos que ven posibilidades
Palabras que cuentan historias.


Aunque la cabeza pensante sea Laura hay equipo más allá: fot´ografía, desarrollo web, publicidad… existe equipo de apoyo en determinadas tareas dependiendo de las necesidades de cada proyecto. El objetivo siempre es lograr el mejor resultado posible y lograr un wow espontáneo y natural y en equipo siempre se llega más lejos.

I'm always happy to talk.
Available for work

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