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Branding / À la carte / Web Design


From the first contact I had with the arenae team I knew they were different and I knew they were looking for that they did not know what it was "but that would transmit what we are", in other words, a branding project, and that’s what we did. Through several sessions with them I understood the type of brand they were, because in the end you already are one, and what we did was to give it the right visual and verbal form so that their public connect with them.

We develop the personality of arenae brand /close/ with attention to detail / friendly and well educated/ welcoming / cozy / professional/ we generate Arenae’s brand discourse where far from being a real estate agency “they make you feel at home while selling or renting yours", and we capture all its essence in every element point of contact with their client /folders/ notebooks/ a magazine that collects its history and its whys and what they can offer you as real estate / selling assets / website / and a video that reflects what in essence, arenae is.

A todos aquellos que estén pensando en vender o alquilar su casa, les invitamos a la nuestra.

Arenae es una inmobiliaria que te hace sentir como en casa mientras vende o alquila la tuya. Somos amantes de las buenas formas, de los detalles, y de un trabajo bien hecho.