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Corporate Identity / Web design adaptation / RRSS / À la carte


The time had come for Harmony Talent to update its brand image, as it does for all of us from time to time, and now Harmony Talent had evolved to a more professional, serious, elegant and close brand.

We re-design the brand along with all its corporate elements, adapted the image of their existing website to the new visual codes, and created a strategy and templates for social networks through which it currently communicates and connect with its audience.


Viene del latín “talentum” y este del griego “tálenton”. En ambas lenguas designaba cierta moneda de oro de donde es probable que la palabra actual se deba a la parábola evangélica de los servidores que sacaron provecho de los talentos, o suma de dinero confinados por su amo, mientras otro enterró sin provecho su tesoro. De ahí “dotes naturales que se deben aprovechar”.